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the sea and Tavolara Island through the branches of a fig tree with green fruits from the waterfront

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Three studio apartments in front of the sea are avalilable for rent during summer (in the yellow building with open windows) in Santa Lucia di Siniscola: wide view on the sea and on the church.

the waterfront towards North and Tavolara Island

Here is a pic from the satellite.

the Google Earth image with placeholder

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The village is small and calm, with many green milieus, surrounded by the pinewood.

the pinewood at twilight on a new pool created by the rain

The wonderful beaches of Bčrchida and Capo Comino are very near, good roads to Nuoro and Olbia.

ripples on the Spiaggia lontana, the largest beach in Santa Lucia

Three beautiful beaches near home (the Spiaggia delle barche just over the window, small and secure, the Spiaggia lontana - in spite of the name, very near too - wide and brilliant clear, the Spiaggia dei confetti, round little stones.
From the rocks near home to the red cliffs, from the hills just on the beach to Monte Albo with its pure springs, traditions and peculiar way of life.

the Red Cliff and the pinewood

My studio apartments are suitable for singles and couples.
Energy class 5.

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