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sand castles on the large beach of Santa ucia

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Please visit also the AirBnb announcement.

The studio apartment (25 square meters) at first floor, looking on a car park, the church square and the sea, is comfortable and inludes facilities like washing machine and tv.

the double green zed-bed with the bedside tables

A large glass sliding door is protected by a large wooden door.

the green Sardinian curtains

The flat is provided with kitchen, fridge with freezer.

the kitchen, the fridge, the sink and the kitchen cabinets

The batroom is wide with shower, it is possible to put bottles understairs in a little space.

the table, the three chairs, the towel with the little red and yellow flowers

Quiet and friendly neighbours, i live upstairs.
Energy class 5.

the Red Cliff and the pinewood

The studio apartments is suitable for singles and couples.

the house, the glass door, the parking, the houses close to the studio apartment

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